Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many patients have concerns regarding their dental care. Our frequently asked questions are listed on this page; however, if your question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Q: Do you accept Medi-cal?
A: We do not, however you can call the denti-cal referral line @ 1-800-322-6384

Q: Will you accept my insurance plan?
A: We accept all dental plans that do not dictate that you see a specific doctor in order to utilize your benefits.

Q: What is a PPO?
A: Participating dentists have contracted with certain dental plans to accept a reduced fee schedule. If you use a PPO provider, your out-of-pocket expense will be less than if you use a non participating provider. We would be considered out of network, or non participating.

Q: Do you accept Delta Dental?
A: We are a provider for Delta Dental Premier plans only. We are not a Delta DPO or PMI provider.

Q: What insurance plans do you accept?
A: We accept most major dental plans as an out of network provider. We suggest that you call the office for details; we can let you know if you can utilize your insurance plan at our office, or if it may be better for you to go to one of your plan's preferred providers.
The insurance plans which we do NOT accept are listed below:

  • Medi Cal
  • Medi Care
  • Delta PMI
  • Delta DPO (can be used here but benefits are reduced)
  • Healthy Families
  • United Concordia
  • Tricare
Q: Do you work on Saturdays?
A: Our office is not open Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Q: Do you do implants?
A: Yes, Dr. Mitoma places and restores implants. He is in the office on Monday and Wednesday.

Q: Do you do root canals?
A: Yes, Dr. Mitoma will do your root canal as well as most root canal specialists

Q: Do you do straighten teeth?
A: Yes, We offer invisalign to correct misaligned teeth

Q: Can I make monthly payments?
A: Our office has eliminated billing, therefore we do not send out monthly statements. We ask that you pay your patient portion at time of service, however we do offer a separate line of credit with interest free options for those who need to make monthly payments

Q: What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?
A: No charge will be made for rescheduling an appointment provided 24 hours notice is given. Otherwise a minimum charge of $25 per half hour missed will be made.

Q: Do you have Nitrous Oxide Available?
A: Yes, nitrous oxide is available for a charge of $25 per visit for the first hour and then $15 each additional hour. This fee will be collected at time of service.

Q: Do you see children?
A: Yes! We love our little patients; and they love to watch a movie or play a game while they have their dental work done

Q: What are the bleaching options in your office?
A: We offer 3 different methods of bleaching in our office. The first and least expensive are the Crest White Strips; these are 84% stronger and 15% longer than what you can buy in the store. They need to be applied twice a day for thirty minutes each time. We also offer bleaching trays, which are custom made for your mouth, the procedure is the same for the trays as with the strips, and both take about 2-3 weeks for results. Lastly is the in office bleaching. ZOOM! Is done in the office, it takes 2 hours, and the results are immediate.

Q: Why is the website named "Toothbeavers"?
A: Because Dr. Mitoma's nickname is "BEAVER" because he used to chew on everything when we was a baby.


"I have been bringing my kids to Dr. Jessie's office since 1997. I love the staff. They are always friendly, helpful and take time to talk to you. I have referred several friends to our dentist and they all call and thank me. We love you guys!"

- Angela Z


"To anyone who has a fear of the dentist please rest assured Dr. Mitoma and Dr. Nakamura will put you at ease. Their entire staff makes me feel comfortable a trip to the dentist is now almost like going to visit family! I actually look forward to my dental appointments. And this coming from someone who was so scared of the dentist I did not go to one for over 20 yrs. I can not say enough about how professional and caring everyone in their office is, they actually care."

-Herk Van Noy

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