"Typically when you look up the word 'Dentist' you will see the meaning 'pain' then the sound of a drill shrieking in your head and the thought of a SHOT in the mouth, OUCH!!! I don't know about you, but that deterred me quite a bit from a dentist office for regular visits.

I've needed extensive dental work for years, but couldn't get past the 'old meaning of a dentist'. When I found Dr.'s Mitoma & Nakamura, I was very impressed, first I spoke with Chris the receptionist, who demonstrates the real meaning of 'customer service' which seems to be a rare quality these days, I asked several questions in the which Chris had every answer.

When Dr. Nakamura came in on my first visit I couldn't believe she was actually the dentist, she greeted and spoke with me as if she knew me for years, each of her assistants have the same bedside manner, I felt so comfortable they understood all my fears and had a resolution for each; when there was drilling they provided me with a list of movies to pick from, a head set that had a little TV screen in case I didn't want to watch the big TV, with nice little speakers to cover my ears; Yes! REAL Movies with stereo sound on the head set, I actually enjoy my visits. When I was cold they provided me with a blanket!

Our old dental office would have to send us to several different dental offices to have certain procedures done which added to my procrastination in getting my teeth fixed; Dr.'s M & N are a 'one stop shop' extractions, root canals, cosmetic dental work, partials etc. with very good quality.

Dr.'s M & N both have a gift when it comes to the dreaded shots; my husband and I both did not feel a thing. The Dr. would numb the targeted spot then let you tell them when it's time to stick that dreaded needle in or to give you more numbing stuff, they go at your pace which in our experiences was very rare with other dentist.

My husband and I have sent family and friends to them and we are just amazed that a dentist office has a staff that isn't just professional, but all around nice people."

- John and Mary Condon

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